Social Media Usage Encouraged Among Trucking Companies

social mediaAn article posted in Transport Topics yesterday encourages trucking companies to take an initiative that Road Scholar Transport has been doing for a year now…using social media to connect with their customers/audience.  These networks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and blogging.

According to the article, social networking poses many benefits to trucking companies including:

-An accessible information database that allows trucking companies to improve their fleets (for example, by posting available trailers, saving the company deadhead mileage costs) and provide support to their customers

-Interaction with employees via private or public groups

-Makes it easier for current customers to connect with the company, allowing them the ability to be alerted of discounts, news, and voice their opinion/interact with other customers on a carrier’s service

-Opens the company to a wider range of prospects with the ability to connect with individuals from specific locations

As the article notes, social media’s “effective use can bring about a competitive advantage, with adoption ensuring not only survival but also success in an increasingly competitive global marketplace,” further explaining that “their value is game-changing and clearly a new frontier worth further and ongoing exploration” (  So beneficial, in fact, that more and more trucking companies are using it, with “56% of respondents reporting that social media was very important to their business strategy, a number that jumped from 43% in 2009,” the article continues.

This is not something new to Road Scholar, who has been using all five platforms for over a year now.  Below are ways in which you can connect with Road Scholar:


Over 600 million people currently use Facebook, making it the 2nd largest trafficked site and, if it were a country, the third-largest in the world!  In fact, “93% of adult US Internet users are on Facebook” (

Road Scholar’s Facebook page gives people the ability to conveniently and quickly interact with Road Scholar and their customers on any questions or comments they may have, as well provide information regarding its services, security features, discounts, availability, and the awareness program.

Road Scholar’s experts are also here to educate you with the latest news in the trucking industry with our daily blogs.

But don’t forget, it’s not all work on Road Scholar’s Facebook page.  Have some fun with contests, games, the quote of the day, daily trivia question, photos, and much more.


Twitter hosts over 300 million accounts, with 13% of adults who are using the internet, actively engaging in this free service.  In fact, 42% of Twitter users “learn about products and services via Twitter, 41% provide opinions about products/services, and 19% seek customer support” (

Come follow Road Scholar on Twitter for company and industry news, alerts, contests/games, awareness events, and more.

According to, 12% of the 101 million LinkedIn members occupy a position in sales, with “69 of the Fortune 100 companies” and over 1 million companies in general having a business page (

Connect with Road Scholar owner Jim Barrett or join Road Scholar Transport Inc.’s group page to participate in rousing discussions.


Over 2 billion…that’s the number of views on Youtube every day. “More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than all 3 major US networks created in 60 years” (

Check out Road Scholar’s youtube channel for videos including:

Road Scholar Transport Visits the Philadelphia Zoo

Flight 93 Event

Messages of Hope

Red Cross Awareness Video

10 Million Miles to a Cure Awareness Campaign

Road Scholar Facility Tour

Keep checking frequently for new videos!

Blogs: Industry Blog Site:

If you want trucking specific articles detailing new technology, proposals, breaking news, and more, than check out Road Scholar’s Industry blog site.

Awareness Blog Site:

Road Scholar also has an awareness blog site for articles on recent awareness events, medical news, and health alerts.

As social networking continues to sweep the world, connecting people near and afar, more and more companies will be jumping on the bandwagon, experiencing the benefits that others have already come to enjoy.

Do you or your company use social media and what benefits do you find from it?

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